Is it time to ditch the dress code?

What do you think, are there benefits of setting a dress code in the workplace?

When Patrice Brown, a primary school teacher from Atlanta, Georgia, posted photos of herself in the classroom on Instagram in September – to celebrate being named ‘Educator of the Month’ – they quickly went viral. Sadly for Brown, most of those sharing her image weren’t interested in her teaching abilities: they were focused instead on her figure, which was variously described as too “form fitting”, “sexy” and “distracting” for any workplace, let alone the classroom.

Brown had not broken her employer’s dress code. The length of her dresses was by most standards conservative. But the glee with which social media, and news outlets, devoured her discomfort at the attention she was receiving demonstrates just what a hot-button issue dress in the workplace remains.

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Source: CIPD- Sophie-Marie Odum 25 October 2016


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