21 May 2012 (Dharbi M, Kingston)

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate Absolutely on maintaining your culture and identity as an independent recruitment agency. Having been made redundant and out of work for over 4 months, I had started to lose faith in agencies. I then met the team at Absolutely, and this restored my belief. Operating in a traditional way of filling in application forms, meeting me and getting to know me, I found that the personal touch of going back to basics worked a treat. I also found a real sense of Absolutely being just as thorough with their clients as well as their job seekers. I was made to feel as though my requirements mattered as much as their clients’ requirements. Each time I was approached regarding an opportunity, it was a discussion, and the usual hard sales patter was nowhere to be heard. I found their help and advice to be very relevant and valuable. The process certainly helped me to build my confidence and taught me the importance of first impressions, right down to appearance, body language and using positive language in my interviews. May thanks to Absolutely for their support, guidance, belief and perseverance. Should I be looking for work in the future, I would not hesitate to look you up!”

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