18th November 2013 (Agatha G, New Malden)

“The brilliant team at Absolutely Recruitment offers unrivalled guidance and support, coupled with an exceedingly high standard of professionalism and efficiency.

Having recently taken a break from higher education, amidst the throes of what appears to have been an unprecedented quarter-life crisis, I begun to come to the unpleasant realization that seeking employment may be more of a foray than I had anticipated. However, these bleak thoughts have been fully waivered by my experience with Absolutely Recruitment.

Absolutely Recruitment consultants are dedicated to finding optimal employment opportunities for their candidates based on careful and attentive profiling. Their approach is truly individual and unique – they don’t rely exclusively on a bare-bones, uninspiring list of qualifications and experience. Instead, their refreshingly attentive and honest discussions with the candidates aim to identify personal qualities, interests, preferences for social settings and dynamics of the work place, leading to the formation of a mutually beneficial partnership between the employer and the newly appointed employee. Moreover, the progress in the work placement is tracked to ensure both sides are no less than fully satisfied with the arrangement.

Whilst I feel the individual approach is the most unique characteristic differentiating Absolutely Recruitment from other recruitment agencies, yet another feature is the impressive efficiency and level of professionalism characterising the administrative and communication aspects of their partnership with both the employee and the employer. Any queries that I may had raised were answered swiftly and extensively, and any communication regarding bookings/finance/miscellaneous matters were conducted thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Much to my delight, my partnership with Absolutely Recruitment resulted in a permanent position far exceeding my expectations.

Most importantly, Absolutely Recruitment’s interview and placement preparation processes have taught me to identify and utilize my strengths in the work place and employ self-reflection to continue to develop professionally, all of which will certainly prove invaluable for years to come.”

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